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A ladder ranking system (initially for Foosball) as a DotNetNuke module

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This project is being designed to track Players, Teams and Games, initially in foosball.

There are three projects in the solution

Ladder (the DNN module/web service that handles recording the games, players, scores, teams etc).

FoosTracker the Netduino project that will call the web service in Ladder, currently calls it but isn't very smart about it.

LadderTester this is just a quick and dirty DNN module (not localized, no data access) that is used to test the webservice in Ladder, preventing the need from having to do all testing via the Netduino.

There is still a LONG way to go on this project, it is far from functional or complete, but is becoming very fun.

The first iteration will allow for keeping track of results, followed by another iteration that will then use those results to form a ranking system.

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